Mill valley resident adds to louis vuitton uk family Athlete comes from a family of water polo enthusiasts and swims like a fish.But it is his hard work, practice and determination that have gotten the mill valley resident to where he is today.Palmer could be referred to as a living legacy on the tamalpais water polo team.The busy student, who practices two hours a day after school before starting homework, is the fifth water polo player from his family to play on the tam squad.In his third year in the sport, palmer is a standout on the tam team and averages seven goals per game as the driver the norm is three or four a feat that coaches and players in marin have noticed.At 16, and a junior, palmer is now a contender for the ’s most valuable player award, an award that already has been bestowed on a sibling.Older brother robert received the award and is now a standout water polo player at the university of california at berkeley. ”My brother has been a really huge influence on me,”Said palmer after practice on a recent friday evening. ”He has given me constant encouragement and taught me how fun it is to be part of a team. ”And then there is the family connection. ”My whole family has always been into this so i guess it just came to me naturally. ”Over the past decade and a half, elder sisters annie, georgia and maggie have also played water polo at tam, leading the team to local championships.As dusk descended on the tam pool, after more than two hours of vigorous activity in the water, the lanky 6 foot 4 teenager still had not eaten dinner or started his homework. ”You get used to it after a while,”Palmer said. ”I have it down to a routine.My day is the same each and every day.It’s a bit like the movie ’groundhog day.'”Palmer said his typical day leaves little time for hanging out with friends, but it keeps him focused on his goal of attending either ucla or uc berkeley.Palmer said his major is still undecided.When not competing in water polo, palmer plays varsity basketball and competes on the swim team. ”Both keep me in great shape for water polo,”Palmer said. ”Basketball provides the necessary skills for passing and making goals.Swimming keeps me fast and in shape. ”In the off season palmer has competed with the.That is where he has made friends and played with athletes from rival schools who are competing with him for the mcal mvp award. ”Many people think this is easy because it looks like we are having so much fun,”Palmer said. ”It is a very physically exhausting sport, which is part of what makes success in it so exhilarating. ”When i am in the water i am very aggressive.All i can think of is playing to score.I am a very good offensive player.If there is a place for improvement it is that i need to work on my defense. ””James is a natural.He knows what to do and he has the ability,”Said tam water polo coach. ”This is a really young team this year, with mostly freshmen and sophomores, and three juniors and one senior.James and the other older players offer guidance to the newer players on the team. ”The tamalpais team is 5 3 this season and faced its two final competitors of the season this week, and sir francis drake high school. ”My first word when I was a baby was ’ball,'”Said palmer, reflecting on his passion for sports. ”I have always loved sports and have been fortunate enough to have had natural ability.For me, it is both the cheap louis vuitton bags movement and the complexity of the game. ”As far as the possibility of getting the mcal award, palmer remains nonchalant: ”It might happen and that would be great. ”Palmer said. ”My best memory of playing this year was when i scored 11 goals against redwood in one game.That was about three weeks ago.

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